Aluminum Profiles & Hardware

Our premium quality aluminum profiles are the essential part of sliding doors and suspended doors for closets and room separations. With 10 different colours and 6 different shapes, our aluminum profiles are perfect for any tastes and will match any style of sliding doors as well as any design of a home. The standard length of all aluminum profiles is 5.1 meters which allows to build sliding doors up to 5 meters in height! Furthermore, the ability to combine tracks together allows to build any number of sliding doors with any width desirable. The hardware for our sliding doors such as rollers are designed with care for an extra-light gliding that will last you many years. Hence the 10 year warranty on aluminum profiles and hardware!


  • Very strong and durable material that will not be scratched and will not be needed to be replaced for decades
  • Variability of exclusive and standard colours
  • Variability of shapes of the handles and length
  • 10 year warranty

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